Argos Guardian

Move Over Camera™

Technology and simplicity combine to create a comprehensive enforcement tool that meets the needs of nearly any law enforcement agency, emergency service responder, or tow operator.

Technology That Protects and Serves


There is a serious problem on the nation’s roadways with vehicles passing dangerously close to unprotected police officers and roadside workers. “Move Over” laws that prohibit this behavior exist in every state; however, until now there has been no effective method to enforce the laws and eliminate the problem. Because officers, EMS personnel, and tow operators are performing other duties, it is nearly impossible to identify and enforce violations, other than the most serious accident-causing offenses.


In order to eliminate or reduce the dangerous driving habits and enforce the laws, an effective enforcement method is needed. Brekford Traffic Safety is currently developing a solution that combines camera and radar technology with a comprehensive education and enforcement program to combat the problem directly. The Argos Guardian Move Over CameraTM will be commercially available in July 2018.